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why is hyrule warriors Link so FRICKING HOT



fuck me

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"The world took something from him, so he took something from the world."


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The Lake House (2006)  -How do you hold on to someone you’ve never met?

“There could have been no two hearts so open, no tastes so similar, no feelings so in unison”

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This song is dedicated to the power of heart… Listen to the Bolero of fire

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you stopped scrolling.

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Hi Sanja. I'm a bit worried right now..I think I did a mistake going on the b*thyl tag. It made me upset and sad :( do you think caryl is going canon this season? I feel like the writers are unpredictable and could totally change caryl's story arc..



Dear Friend,

Venturing into the other ships tag is one of the worst things to do if you experiencing a little slump in your CARYL feels but to do so during this terrible “shipping antagonization” period had to have been a very disheartening experience to say the least.
The premiere and the intensity of Daryl’s reaction to Carol’s return is something the other tag didn’t want to see happen BUT even more poignantly they also didn’t believe it actually could EVER happen for CARYL.
That reason alone is enough to stay away from their tag and their posts because their main focus will either be denial and anger or they will be looking for any way to discredit what happened and explain it away to feel better.

Believe me I do understand how you feel, the uncertainty, the waiting, the constant baiting and the petty snarkiness has certainly reared some of the worst hatefulness in this fandom and after the confusion that was Season 4 Carylers have certainly known better days BUT there is still so much hope and unresolved potential left that I simply can’t and won’t give up on….especially after Sunday night.

The many CARYL scenes we have illustrate, validate and acknowledge Carol and Daryl’s gradual closeness and no matter how you look at it they just seem to gravitate towards each other naturally, building up a relationship that is quite unlike anything else shared with the other characters.

Daryl’s reaction to Carols return was irrefutable and yes, even CANON, evidence of just that - whatever CARYL is, there is no denying that their connection is on a completely different level than what Daryl shares with his “brother” Rick or his “buddy” Michonne.
There has always been something “special” and unique about the moments that Carol and Daryl have shared and even the shortest interaction, whether it be a look or a casual touch or even a “surrendering to relief kind of tackle hug”, it all speaks volumes about not just how they feel but how easy it is to leave things unspoken and yet be understood by now another.

Dialogue suddenly becomes irrelevant and unnecessary to communicate!

The best part is that we have four seasons worth of canon scenes and canon evidence to not just validate and acknowledge CARYL but to link Carol and Daryl together as a “unit”, which is insinuated repeatedly by the other members of the group (Dale, Glenn, Rick etc.)
The impenetrable bond between these two has been built up slow and steady, the parallels between them are jarringly strong and their interaction has shown time and time again that not only do they bring out the best in each other but that their connection is what’s had the most positive impact on the development of their own person.
The CARYL dynamic provides both Carol and Daryl the opportunity to explore what they were never given the chance in their past to do and be, it provides the unconditional acceptance and understanding they’ve never been given before and it is exactly through that freedom to feel without fear of rejection that they allowed themselves to truly-deeply care about another person again.

The fact that the Carol and Daryl relationship is so complex and so intricately planned to flow across seasons, has a great deal of reassurance when it comes to the end of the CARYL story not just because they kept it going for so long BUT a connection with such intensity NEEDS and DESERVES to be resolved at some point.

There is definitively an end game in play here and believe it or not season four actually gives a big piece of evidence that CARYL romantic realization might not be as unlikely as some would like to believe.
Let me explain before you run away from me!

The mere fact that the Carol and Daryl bond was building up through the “slow-burn” approach ultimately created a situation where their dynamic had become a tad bit “too comfortable” and as such the motivation to change that aspect of their relationship or take a leap of faith to the next step might have become less of a priority, especially during the uncertainty and death surrounding them everyday. There were more pressing matters they both knew needed their attention more.
In order to “jump start” or shift gears in their connection, a situation was needed where they would have to confront and examine their feelings towards one another and facing a reality that threatened to separate them permanently, accomplishes that beautifully.

TWD thrives on uncertainty, chaos and unpredictability and season 4 CARYL definitively fits that criteria very good.

If TPTB indeed wanted to end CARYL then there was no need to delay the conversation between Rick and Daryl, no need to identify Daryl as the one that needed telling about Carols banishment, no need to remind the audience that Carols loss would weight heavily on Daryl in the wilderness and no need to delay the CARYL reunion in the finale cliffhanger.

Why continue with the ambiguity of what they share and why the subtle hinting that Daryl was devastated about Carols loss - twin tragedies, anyone?

Instead they created a situation where Daryl and Carol are not only separated but also convinced that the other is either dead or lost forever which combined with the mental and physical anguish they went through on their own creates an emotional pressure cooker ideal for a reunion where they will be forced to examine and feel their relationship on a whole new level.
One way or another the emotional build up over CARYL and Carol herself promises clarity once they are reunited because a shift in their own dynamic as well as the one with the group is unenviable after the events that shaped season 4.

In terms of your concern over B*thyl and AMC TPTB gradually trying to let us down I personally don’t think anything of that sort is going on or at least not any more than what they did with other ships that never went canon in spite of their “clues”.

There have been so-so many pro CARYL quotes out there that we celebrated that ultimately didn’t materialize so the ambiguous statements that the other ship is using as “proof of Canon” are not worrisome one bit. It’s the same old crap!

There are so many reasons that have me pretty much convinced that the B*th and Daryl dynamic will remain platonic;

- The Writers went out of their way to portray B*th very-very young through both behaviour (first drink, flipping things off, drinking game) and emotional responses (naïveté, attitude etc.)
- The language used by both Daryl and B*th - she calls him Mr. Dixon and a Chaperone and he clearly refers to her as a “girl” more than once
- The physical contact between them is mostly initiated by B*th who is very physically affectionate with everyone and we know that Daryl has become more receptive to “touch” with others at this point but especially children (Patrick, Judith, Carl and now Beth)
- The “opening up” Daryl gave to Beth was important for him to be able to find it within himself to keep going without continuing with the “catatonic” state but what he gave was lost on B*ths level of emotional comprehension - she continuously prodded him with what he feared the most and that was being the “last man standing”!
- The huge age gap - Sophia was 12 when Daryl was looking for her as a “little girl” and B*th was merely 4 years older than her when they all met which makes her 18 now.

*If the writers wanted to show her ready for a romantic and essentially sexual relationship with an much older man (late 30’s at least) then they certainly took a wrong turn by portraying her so YOUNG and so INNOCENT. Even people who aren’t opposed to the age gap so much are uncomfortable because she seemed so young in the first place.

The time and outcome of the time they spent together only highlighted the importance Daryl’s character found through having a strong hand, a strong presence and the right purpose to guide him through surviving the world they are all facing.
Where Beth relaxed him to a point of recklessness in her child-like faith in the goodness of others, Merle-reminiscent individuals wound him up to the exact opposite - hyper-vigilance, rage and distrust towards the whole world and its inhabitants.

The best and truest version of Daryl comes out and shines with his chosen family or more specifically Carol Peletier herself! She calms and centres him BUT at the same time has always been there to make it clear to him that he needs to be with others, to belong with others and to care about the others in order to really live, to really survive.
That has been Carols greatest gift to Daryl and it’s something she alone saw in him back at the Greene farm AND to me that is the true meaning of “I LIKED YOU FIRST”.

I can’t promise you anything and I certainly can’t guarantee a realization of a CARYL romance just like I can’t tell you that TPTB are not going to explore the other ship dynamic BUT I can tell you that I personally have a lot more reasons to hope than to worry.
Daryl realizing that there might be still good people left in the world because he sees goodness in B*eth doesn’t mean that he is suddenly deeply in love with her.
She is special to him because she was there when everyone else was lost and gave him a reason to not give up BUT why is a romance the only outcome of all this?

If you are looking for a bit of empirical reassurance then it’s definitively worth noting that Melissa and Norman have been filming Season 5 together almost exclusively together while EK was only confirmed to have been on set once or twice and Norman’s presence at the time of her filming wasn’t substantiated at all.

There are also a lot of other filming and media spoilers that suggest that EK has been focusing on other aspects of her career and whether that means she “died” or is simply “gone” it’s an indication of ambiguity BUT since romantic connections require time (especially with Daryl) the B*thyl “love” simply isn’t realistic based on schedule alone.

Especially when Carol and Daryl seemed to be attached at the hip, film alone and are engaged in various emotionally taxing moments designed to bring them even closer.

Regardless of what happens the reunion itself proved that Daryl “needs” Carol and while I can see a lot of CARYL angst coming our way, what we need to remember that angsty interactions between them have always brought them closer together.

There is much to be explored behind that embrace and questions about its intensity that need to be addressed BUT seeing how the “hug” was most certainly designed as “over the top” the emotion invested in it is not one the “other ship” can quietly or successfully sweep under the rug.

They will try no doubt but every time they see Daryl basically tripping over himself to gather Carol into his arms and cry in her neck and chest the realization of the strength of that bond will be harder and harder to deny.

I hope I was able to give you some hope about CARYL and what it means to me! Hopefully some of our fellow Carylers can offer up some more in the notes because at the end of the day we came together to celebrate something we all love and believe in and that includes each other!

CARYL ON as much as your little can heart muster!



Completely agree, especially about them jump starting the relationship.

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I want to wake up here, in your arms…

more A-frames here

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